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The Gold Saucer

a Final Fantasy rating community

The Gold Saucer - an FF rating community
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Welcome to the Gold Saucer... a Final Fantasy rating community!

Here, you'll post a short survey about yourself and pictures of yourself, and we will rate you based on which FF character we think you're most like. You'll get a little banner and everything, and then you can vote on other people! Whee!


There is a survey down below. Please copy and paste that survey into an entry and fill out all of the questions. Then, if you have pics of yourself, post them so we can see what you look like.

Please use an LJ-cut.

After you have so many votes, either pollensalta or fidescustos will "stamp" you, and give you a banner of the character that you are. Feel free to place it on your blog or website, but please upload it to your own space. You cannot vote on other peoples' surveys til you've been stamped.

When you vote for someone, please include reasons why. I was at another FF rating community, and people didn't even post reasons why they thought I was a certain character! If you don't post reasons, your vote is invalid. It just makes it more accurate, so people don't just pick a random character.

And please-please, be honest!!

The Survey


Gender to be rated: (this means, do you want to be rated as a girl character? a guy? both? don't care?)

(personality questions - NOTE: when you answer these questions, PLEASE provide reasons why you answered the way you did)

"Do you fear death?"
"Are you overly concerned about being the best or competition with others?"
"Do you often get afraid?"
"Do you depend on others or do you prefer to work solo?"
"Do you have a large Ego or are you overly Arrogant?"
"Do you prefer to be directly in the chaos or somewhere on the outside?"
"Do you thrive in chaos or would you prefer peace?"
"How do you feel about love and romance?"
"Do you feel sad or guilty at the suffering of others?"
"Does the idea of killing someone strike you at all?"
"Rate your mood on a scale of 1-10, 1 being thoroughly depressed, and 10 being happy and joyful."
"Rate your daily energy and activeness on a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and tired, 10 being extremely hyper."
"Do you consider yourself, Calm, Chaotic or Somewhere In Between?"
"Are you prone to violence?"
"Do you trust others?"
"Pick One: "In association with others I am.... A. Aloof. B.Very Social C. Avoidant D. Neutral"
"Would you prefer doing something for a righteous cause or for personal gain?"
"Are you overly shy, very bold or somewhere in between?"
"Shortly summarize your goals in life:"
"What is your greatest fear in life?"
"What is your greatest goal in life?"
"Would you call yourself a Megalomaniac?"
"Do you prefer constant attention?"
"How important are material objects to you?"
"Chose an Obsession: A. Love , B. Power , C. Wealth , D. Peace/Life E. Chaos/Death "
"Choose a level of mental stability on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being thoroughly insane, 10 being very sane."
"Briefly classify yourself, give a stereotype or social "Group" to place yourself in."

(FF related)

What's your favourite FF game? Why?
What's your favourite FF character? Why?
Least favourite FF game? Why?
Least favourite FF character? Why?

then, post your pictures!!


~from your mod... Pollensalta