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The Survey


Name: Antonio
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Gender to be rated: Either
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel

Personality Questions

"Do you fear death?"
At times, yes, I do. But if I were to die for my love, I think that would be a righteous death.

"Are you overly concerned about being the best or competition with others?" I'm competitive and at times, I do strive to try to be the best, but I know there will always be someone better than myself.

"Do you often get afraid?"

"Do you depend on others or do you prefer to work solo?"

"Do you have a large Ego or are you overly Arrogant?"
Sometimes, but usually I am quite mellow in terms of arrogence.

"Do you prefer to be directly in the chaos or somewhere on the outside?"
Chaos is fun at times, and so is being somewhere on the outside.  I really don't mind either way.

"Do you thrive in chaos or would you prefer peace?"
I strive for things to be happening all around me. I don't like it too be too peaceful all the time.

"How do you feel about love and romance?"
Love and romance are essential to life, but I don't like when people obsess about it.

"Do you feel sad or guilty at the suffering of others?"
At times, yes. But I think if someone kills thousands of people, then that person deserves to suffer.

"Does the idea of killing someone strike you at all?"
If I had to, I would kill someone.

"Rate your mood on a scale of 1-10, 1 being thoroughly depressed, and 10 being happy and joyful."

"Rate your daily energy and activeness on a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and tired, 10 being extremely hyper."
Five or Six.

"Do you consider yourself, Calm, Chaotic or Somewhere In Between?"
I'm usually calm and collected, especially when it comes to business. Outside of business, I am still quite calm, but I can have my chaotic moments.

"Are you prone to violence?"
No, not usually. I am only violent when someone I care about is in danger, or when I need to defend myself.

"Do you trust others?"

"Pick One: "In association with others I am.... A. Aloof. B.Very Social C. Avoidant D. Neutral"
D. Neutral.

"Would you prefer doing something for a righteous cause or for personal gain?"
Either really. Righteous causes are always better though.

"Are you overly shy, very bold or somewhere in between?"
I'm somewhere in between.

"Shortly summarize your goals in life:"
My goal is to attend medical school and get a PHD in Dermatology. I want to move to Orlando, Florida and live with someone I care for.

"What is your greatest fear in life?"
Losing who I am and my love.

"What is your greatest goal in life?"
To graduate med. school.

"Would you call yourself a Megalomaniac?"

"Do you prefer constant attention?"

"How important are material objects to you?"
Semi important.

"Chose an Obsession: A. Love , B. Power , C. Wealth , D. Peace/Life E. Chaos/Death "
I don't know what to chose from that, so I'll have to go with A/B.

"Choose a level of mental stability on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being thoroughly insane, 10 being very sane."
Again, seven.

"Briefly classify yourself, give a stereotype or social "Group" to place yourself in."
I would put myself into the flaming gay businessman group/punk group. I'm strange like that.

Final Fantasy Related

What's your favourite FF game? Why? Final Fantasy VII; it had a wonderful story line and I'm a sucker for Shinra.
What's your favourite FF character? Why? Tseng; he's a lot like myself. We both strive to be perfect and we both have a calm mindset.
Least favourite FF game? Why? Final Fantasy VIII; way too confusing.
Least favourite FF character? Why? Cloud; I just can't stand how hypocritical he is. He says he is saving lives when he is actually killng millions of people in Midgar by blowing those reactors.

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