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Erm... RAGE? ^^;

The Survey


Name: Keshi
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Gender to be rated: Female
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Chestnut brown/partly blonde ATM
Eyes: Blue-green

(personality questions - NOTE: when you answer these questions, PLEASE provide reasons why you answered the way you did)

"Do you fear death?" No, because we all die eventually. We were created to do so.
"Are you overly concerned about being the best or competition with others?" No, I don't mind how good or bad I am at something.
"Do you often get afraid?" Yes, of many things... because... I'm only human..
"Do you depend on others or do you prefer to work solo?" I often like to work solo, I don't know why... to feel at peace with myself.
"Do you have a large Ego or are you overly Arrogant?" Not really.. because I don't brag, etc.
"Do you prefer to be directly in the chaos or somewhere on the outside?" I much prefer peace, it's nicer..
"Do you thrive in chaos or would you prefer peace?" Peace.. it's one of the things I love~
"How do you feel about love and romance?" I think love and romance are wonderful things, they're so beautiful..
"Do you feel sad or guilty at the suffering of others?" Yes, I do.. because, at the end of the day, none of the suffering is right.
"Does the idea of killing someone strike you at all?" No, I'd never want to kill someone.
"Rate your mood on a scale of 1-10, 1 being thoroughly depressed, and 10 being happy and joyful." 2! I'm very happy today!
"Rate your daily energy and activeness on a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and tired, 10 being extremely hyper." 7-8; I'm usually very optimistic and smile a lot.
"Do you consider yourself, Calm, Chaotic or Somewhere In Between?" Calm, I think.
"Are you prone to violence?" Oh, no, I prefer... peace
"Do you trust others?" Yes. Way too much. ♥
"Pick One: "In association with others I am.... A. Aloof. B.Very Social C. Avoidant D. Neutral" Neutral; I can have my days when I prefer to be alone, but mostly I'm very friendly and approachable.
"Would you prefer doing something for a righteous cause or for personal gain?" I would do something for a righteous cause.. ^_^
"Are you overly shy, very bold or somewhere in between?" Somewhere in between, I think.
"Shortly summarize your goals in life:" To pass my SATS (at the minute), have a nice career
"What is your greatest fear in life?" Well, I'm not fond of heights ^_^;
"What is your greatest goal in life?" To be a better person.
"Would you call yourself a Megalomaniac?" I don't know what that means! XD
"Do you prefer constant attention?" Not reeeally..
"How important are material objects to you?" Kind of important..
"Chose an Obsession: A. Love , B. Power , C. Wealth , D. Peace/Life E. Chaos/Death " Love ♥♥
"Choose a level of mental stability on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being thoroughly insane, 10 being very sane." I always call myself insane, but I'd say I'm actually 8-9 ^___^
"Briefly classify yourself, give a stereotype or social "Group" to place yourself in." Hmm.. Group? I'm not sure... I'm an "out-cast" ^_^

(FF related)

What's your favourite FF game? Why? FFVII; I feel I identify with lots of the characters better~
What's your favourite FF character? Why? Aeris; I think I am very like her in lots of ways.
Least favourite FF game? Why? I don't have one!
Least favourite FF character? Why? Sephiroth; he killed poor Aeris ;__;

then, post your pictures!!
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