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The Survey


Name: Daryl
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Gender to be rated: I'd like to have a penis, plz.
Height: 5'8
Hair: Dark brown, with chestnut highlights.
Eyes: Very, very dark brown.

"Do you fear death?" - There's a part of me that does, but it's going to happen one way or another so... not really. Doesn't mean that I'm looking forward to it though.

"Are you overly concerned about being the best or competition with others?" - If there were competition, I'd be concerned for them. Second place is another term for the very first loser.

"Do you often get afraid?" - Like, horror movie afraid or psychological afraid like when you know you've fucked up and can't cover your tracks? Either case, not a lot. Things'll work out in the end.

"Do you depend on others or do you prefer to work solo?" - More people often mess up the creative process.

"Do you have a large Ego or are you overly Arrogant?" - People say I am. I have a tendency to believe that.

"Do you prefer to be directly in the chaos or somewhere on the outside?" - I hate trying to treat the world as if it were a fishbowl that I watch. It's fun being in the eye of the storm. Or being the storm. Whichever.

"Do you thrive in chaos or would you prefer peace?" - People are only at true peace with themselves when they have a mutual enemy. War brings people together and peace causes strife and animosity. It's a natural human tendency. Peace is overrated.

"How do you feel about love and romance?" - I don't believe in romance, but I do believe in love. I believe that you're only really in love when you're willing to do stupid things to get their attention and to keep them with you. I wish love didn't make me so stupid at times.

"Do you feel sad or guilty at the suffering of others?" - Only if they've felt sad or guilty for me.

"Does the idea of killing someone strike you at all?" - I work at tech support. The idea of killing someone pops up as much as I breathe.

"Rate your mood on a scale of 1-10, 1 being thoroughly depressed, and 10 being happy and joyful." - 3.14165

"Rate your daily energy and activeness on a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and tired, 10 being extremely hyper." - Lately, I've been painfully sluggish but I'm normally more active than this. I guess a 4 would do.

"Do you consider yourself, Calm, Chaotic or Somewhere In Between?" - I"m really calm about wanting things to mess themselves up. So I guess I'm a calm person who hopes things end up chaotic.

"Are you prone to violence?" - Oh yes. But I never get the opportunity to show it. Poo.

"Do you trust others?" - If they give me a reason to, then yes. But I don't do it outright.

"Pick One: "In association with others I am.... A. Aloof. B.Very Social C. Avoidant D. Neutral" - Aloof. Mos def.

"Would you prefer doing something for a righteous cause or for personal gain?" - Seeing as there isn't anything righteous to fight for lately, personal gain would be a good idea.

"Are you overly shy, very bold or somewhere in between?" - I'm very straightforward and don't believe in being a wallflower. Unfortunately, people don't always like what I have to say so I've learned to keep my trap shut. Some of the time.

"Shortly summarize your goals in life" - To get my masters, move to the countryside, build a house with my bare hands and live in happy isolation until I grow old.

"What is your greatest fear in life?" - Losing the friends I have. I don't like making a lot of them and I treasure what I have with my life. I'd die before letting anything happen to them.

"What is your greatest goal in life?" - To have a harem of underclad boys at my beck and call. I don't ask for much.

"Would you call yourself a Megalomaniac?" - I have delusions of grandeur, but I don't think I've ever considered myself one.

"Do you prefer constant attention?" - Oh yes. Please. In spades.

"How important are material objects to you?" - DARYL LIKE SHINY THINGS.

"Chose an Obsession: A. Love , B. Power , C. Wealth , D. Peace/Life E. Chaos/Death " - Wealth.

"Choose a level of mental stability on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being thoroughly insane, 10 being very sane." - 10. I consider myself very sane. I have a different outlook on life, but I've got both feet firmly planted on the ground. Just because I've talked about world domination once in a while doesn't mean I'm any less weird than the guy you sit next to on the bus.

"Briefly classify yourself, give a stereotype or social "Group" to place yourself in." - The "Huey Freeman". Boondocks fans would get it.

(FF related)

What's your favourite FF game? Why? - Final Fantasy VI. Terra's theme. If you ask me to elaborate, I will kill you over the internet. I will kill you ded.

What's your favourite FF character? Why? - This might seem highly uncharacteristic, but I loved Gau so much. He was the only character that I ever really liked and thought was surprisingly like me. It's a very long story and I'd like to elaborate on it, but that would juxtapose possible votes.

Least favourite FF game? Why? - FF VIII. Draw system was too easy to abuse and don't even get me started on what a huge plothole it was to begin with.

Least favourite FF character? Why? - Rinoa. For reasons stated by everyone else.

And, the latest image of moi.

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