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The Reaper's Turn!!

Name: Robert "Bob" Haggerty
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Gender to be rated: Preferably a guy, but it doesn't REALLY matter
Height: 5'5" (I'm a shorty!)
Hair: Auburn, red-brown
Eyes: Blue

"Do you fear death?"

No. I really shouldn't. It IS inevitable, after all. I am, however, afraid of pain. Pain sucks, especially long-lasting pain, because then you have to suffer and it's just not cool.

"Are you overly concerned about being the best or competition with others?"

Not too much anymore, although I used to be ultra-competitive in high school. College changed a lot of that. I'm a team player now.

"Do you often get afraid?"

Nah. I just roll with the punches these days. When something goes wrong these days, I usually have a level head about things. I mean, what is the worst that could happen?

"Do you depend on others or do you prefer to work solo?"

I'm a team player in terms of getting stuff done at work, but I do value my independent time a lot, such as when I'm writing poetry or fending for myself with bills and my own personal shit.

"Do you have a large Ego or are you overly Arrogant?"

I have an ego, but I mostly keep it in check. I have no real arrogance to speak of...if anything, I'm overly modest and shy. It's just the way I've always been.

"Do you prefer to be directly in the chaos or somewhere on the outside?"

Outside is better if only because it's quieter and more easy for me to read and play video games without distraction. :-)

"Do you thrive in chaos or would you prefer peace?"

Oh, peace, without question. But only to a certain degree. A little chaos does balance the order from time to time. Without evil, there can't be good after all.

"How do you feel about love and romance?"

Believe in it, wholeheartedly. I just recently fell hard for an older woman who has absolutely swept me off of my feet. And I am just a huge romantic. I think I make people sick with how mushy I am when I enter relationships.

"Do you feel sad or guilty at the suffering of others?"

A bit sad, but only if the suffering isn't justified or deserved. If a child molester gets his dick chopped off, then I have no sympathy. Only good people get my pity.

"Does the idea of killing someone strike you at all?"

No. I think I'd only be driven to it in an absolutely extreme scenario.

"Rate your mood on a scale of 1-10, 1 being thoroughly depressed, and 10 being happy and joyful."

10, actually. For the first time in forever. My girlfriend really cheers me up every day, even if my day is crap. It's good to actually feel good for a change and smile all the time.

"Rate your daily energy and activeness on a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and tired, 10 being extremely hyper."

9 on the hyper scale. I am always moving around. I lift stuff all the time at work, and I'm always walking around at night. It's my damn metabolism...doesn't allow me to stay still.

"Do you consider yourself, Calm, Chaotic or Somewhere In Between?"

Calm. I am not a fighter by any means. You have to push me to even get me angry...but when you do, it's not something you want to see.

"Are you prone to violence?"

Nobody picks on me anymore. I have big guys/friends to back me up now. Anyone with a problem with me deals with my posse.

"Do you trust others?"

Most of the time...although I can pick out the full of shit ones right away.

"Pick One: "In association with others I am.... A. Aloof. B.Very Social C. Avoidant D. Neutral"

C. Avoidant...although I am slowly coming out of that phase of my life, thanks to my friends who really opened me up to new experiences when I was in Oneonta.

"Would you prefer doing something for a righteous cause or for personal gain?"

Righteous cause. Personal gain is important too, but only if it's for the side of justice. Remember, as Spock once said...the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

"Are you overly shy, very bold or somewhere in between?"

I'm now in-between. I can be very shy around people I have just met for the first time, but once you get to know me a little, I'm quite chatty.

"Shortly summarize your goals in life:

I would like, if anyone would take me on, to be a published writer and editor. I would also like to see foreign lands and travel to exotic places. Ireland is a must some day. I would also like to make enough money to live comfortably, if at all possible.

"What is your greatest fear in life?"

Not being able to do enough or make a difference in life.

"What is your greatest goal in life?"

To be prosperous and happy, no matter where I end up.

"Would you call yourself a Megalomaniac?"

No, I probably wouldn't. I'm not 100% sure what that word even means, and it's too late in the night to look it up right now.

"Do you prefer constant attention?"

No, I'd much rather hang in the background. Let the other guys hog the spotlight. I'll just laugh at them when they can't handle their own hype anymore.

"How important are material objects to you?"

Moderately important. I am obsessed with CDs and DVDs...but can live without them if I absolutely had to. I am, for the most part, very minimalist about what I own. Packing up for me is not too difficult.

"Chose an Obsession: A. Love , B. Power , C. Wealth , D. Peace/Life E. Chaos/Death "

Peace/Life...can't live if you don't have life, after all.

"Choose a level of mental stability on a scale of 1-10 , 1 being thoroughly insane, 10 being very sane."

8. I think I am moderately sane, though I do have my moments where I can become almost Kefka-like...particularly after a very stressful work day.

"Briefly classify yourself, give a stereotype or social "Group" to place yourself in."

I'm probably a nerd, but not a stereotypical nerd. I don't carry a pocket protector or anything like that, but I am skinny and I do wear

What's your favourite FF game? Why?

Final Fantasy 3 (in America)/Final Fantasy 6 (in Japan). Without question. I love the freedom in the second half of the game to do whatever you want and I love most of the characters as well. It's just a fabulous game that holds up, even though it's a decade old this year. (Wow, it came out in 1994!!)

What's your favourite FF character? Why?

Shadow. He hides in his emotions and remains so dark and mysterious that you can't help but be intrigued. Plus his dog bites people in battle, a trait that was later lifted for Rinoa's dog Angelo in FF 8. Also, you never *really* know what his relationship to Relm is, although you think you do. I like a guy who can leave at any time because it makes the situation more realistic. He's an assassin who cares only about money, and I admire his hard edge. Plus, I like guys who throw ninja stars and swords. It's a trait I've liked since FF 2 (FF 4 in Japan) with Edge.

Least favourite FF game? Why?

Final Fantasy 8. Not because of the characters (I LOVE Irvine and Laguna, actually), but because of the gameplay and storyline. I found the story a bit too confusing for my tastes. How didn't the characters know each other if they lived at the same orphanage together when they were kids, anyway? The magic system is the biggest bitch. Losing HP for casting Ultima? Come on! And Ultimecia was a bitch for me too, because I never mastered everything I needed to. Just didn't really enjoy it despite the awesome graphics...though I can understand why a lot of people do.

Least favourite FF character? Why?

Aeris Gainsborough. Completely overhyped and overrated. Used Cloud Strife in a relationship because she LOOKED like her first boyfriend. Just a pretty face who couldn't fight and always nagged. Plus she c-blocked Tifa from getting Cloud at first, and you don't fuck with Tifa. (She is my favorite FEMALE FF character ever) Sephiroth killing Aeris off, while shocking at first, turned into a big positive for me the more I thought about it. Unfortunately, she'll be back for Advent Children. :-(

Picture time...

This is me on the right, standing next to my friend John. I am rocking the truly awesome Skeletor shirt here.

And this is me standing with Big Kris, my good friend from Pelham in New York, where I live. I look so short, especially compared to him.

For a nice solo shot, I'm using my face as an icon as well!! :-)

OK, so go for it. Who am I?

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